As an  architect & builder we  extends our services beyond the design stage, taking responsibility for managing the subcontractors with respect to the owner. 
The architect hired by a client is in charge of creating a design that meets the requirements of that client and provides a facility suitable to the required use. The architect must talk with and question the client to determine all the requirements and nuances of the project. These records, called an application or brief, is important to making a plan that meets all the needs of the owner, and is a guide for the architect in creating the design concept. 

Environmental Design + Construction Services


Step 1   First meeting w/ client establish program, property field inspection. 
   Step 2   Verifying local Bld. Codes, permit and zoning requirements for your project (Zoning &  other requirements).
      Step 3   Field surveying (existing structure conditions, building elements).
         Step 4   Meetings w/ owner and design ideas discussions.
             Step 5   Third meeting w/ owner approach to final documents.
               Final design ideas presented.
      .           Step 6   Final meeting w /owner for final design stage approval and close out all                                           construction documents applying for Building Permit .
Step 7 Construction mobilization.
             Step 8 Construction began. This part is different ( for every project)  in final project.
                      Step 9 – demolition
            -rough framing
            Re- Inspections
           Step 10 -  Final inspections & project close out.

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