10 most common questions to ask your architect.

1. How much will it cost to design an addition? I would say 75% of potential clients call and ask this. Every job is unique so it is impossible to quote a fee without seeing the property and meeting the client. It is important for an Architect to visit the physical property to acquire an idea of the scope of services required to complete the project. It is also an opportunity to discuss the project with the potential client and discover how focused they are on what they want. After this initial visit, I can determine a budget to produce architectural fees. 2. Do you work on small jobs? The simple answer is yes! Whether it is as small as roof rafter damaged by a tree falling on it or a two-fo

Floor Plans

Floor Plans Floor plan shows the shape of the house as you would see it from directly above , the position of interior walls , door windows and all fixtures. Looking down on your home from this lofty perspective, the relationship between communal space and private areas become more clear. A multi level home requires separate floor plans for each floor. Analysis of floor plans enable you to envision traffic patterns within the house. As you mentally move from one space to the next on the plans, examine the direction of door swings, the size of opening , traffic patterns and ease of movement between various levels of the house. Futures depicted on the floor plan with broken lines lie on a p

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