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We bring experience and continuity to the architecture of Chicago School design. Our wide range of skills in American and European architecture design enable us to visualize a course’s true potential and ensure that a project can be completed as conceived.  Attention to details and professionalism are the cornerstones of every CH + architect’s assignment. 

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Architectural Team

Our approach to each design grows out of a deep love and respect for community and our unwavering focus on the improvement of community. We have developed our own unique definition of the architect’s +contractor role in community: a leader at all levels, using design & construction excellence to improve quality of space and quality of life.


Whether the projects are commercial, residential, or institutional, public or private,

CH+ architects & contractor practice focuses on the making of home and community – creating places that sanctify the rituals of life. It demonstrates the continuum of community from Individual to Family to Neighborhood to City. 

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Architecture & Construction

Work with one team accountable from design through construction. Balance design, budget, schedule and project feasibility. Rely on team of professionals working together with your best interests in mind. Commit to timeless, beautiful, architecture and construction.


Our team of skilled Chicago architects’ contractors and designers have years of experience working on both smaller and larger architectural construction projects.

If you live in the greater Chicago metro area and need an experienced and skilled Chicago architect or contractor CH architect & builder is the company to call.


Because we have a more significant presence at the construction site, we have better control over the way details are executed, ensuring that the material and methods that we have specified are followed.  Greater access to bids is given to the Owner.


More of our clients are choosing Design/Build over the traditional Architect/Builder/Owner relationship due to the simplicity of the relationships, greater quality control and fair pricing. We work closely with owners to build virtually every conceivable kind of structure – corporate offices, medical buildings with wet labs, and interiors, restaurants, apartments and Dwelling units.


We have managed a variety of projects ranging dramatically in size and scope. Yet, no matter how big or small, we treat each with the same care and personal attention because we are passionate about our work.


CH  + architects, ltd. 

Ph: (708)358-0555

Fax (708)358-0111

Ph: (708)707-5555

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