Wat Dhammaram

The Thai Buddhist Temple

Wat Dhammaram The Thai Buddhist Temple - PHASE I

This existing building structure originally build as a local preliminary school for local needs. Therefore, in July 8, 1983 Thai people bought this present place, the former Elementary School Buildings. Gradually they asked for permission to change the zone and to alter to the Thai Buddhist Temple successfully.  Then, the monks finally moved to this new location on July 8, 1983 (B.E. 2526).   Since original building had many deficiencies and did not fill up all Thai people needs our Company has been awarded to provide full architectural and construction services. In 2004 existing interior building facilities has been redesign and restored to provide better space usage. in 2008 our Company provided new architectural and construction services for this facilities. All existing buildings has been covered by new roof structure with additional space for future development. (Wat Dhammaram (The Thai Buddhist Temple 7059 W. 75th Street, Chicago, IL  60638-5934) 


Existing  Church interior has been updated with main altar design and construction . A new Main Altar cross project nicely fit into existing surrounding areas.  

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