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About us

As a full Design + Build services we apply advanced Design and Construction practices and progressive management techniques to meet the current and future demands of our customers. Our Customers are companies who are seeking Sustainable Design, Construction, Renovation, Remodeling and Project Management as an integral part of their overall business success. In essence, we provide quality results in Green Design and Commercial Development for our Customers.


We have managed a variety of projects ranging dramatically in size and scope. Yet, no matter how big or small, we treat each with the same care and personal attention because we are passionate about our work.

The firm is committed to maintaining an inspired and creative people that meets our clients’ needs. We continued growth and balance of small and large projects provides them with an expending portfolio of work.

Our Team.

Monika Chlebek


Tel: (708) - 358 - 0555 x02

Chester Chlebek 


Tel: (708) 358 - 0555 x01


Tel: (708) 358 - 0555 

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