A complete Set of Plans

A complete Set of Plans An Architect prepare full set of plans that includes many different kinds of drawings. Building Department will require; Foundation plan, floor plans, elevation views of each exterior wall of the house, cross section(s) details, and full engineering information like mechanical, electrical, HVAC, energy calculation sheet etc. A complete set of plans also includes several different lists of specifications, for item like for windows and doors. It’s essential as an owner –builder That you understand the symbolic language of architectural plans. The Site Plan A site plan shows the location and orientation of new home, along with its relation to roads, and all utilities,

Architectural Plans

Architect - use them to work through the design approach with their clients. Lenders - use them to assess the value of the home you’re going to finance. Building Department - review plans before issuing a permit to make sure they conform to code and zoning rules. Contractors and subcontractors - use the information in architectural plans to work up bids for labor and materials. Workers on the job - use them as a virtual instruction manual

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