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A complete Set of Plans

A complete Set of Plans

An Architect prepare full set of plans that includes many different kinds of drawings. Building Department will require; Foundation plan, floor plans, elevation views of each exterior wall of the house, cross section(s) details, and full

engineering information like mechanical, electrical, HVAC, energy calculation sheet etc.

A complete set of plans also includes several different lists of specifications, for item like for windows and doors.

It’s essential as an owner –builder

That you understand the symbolic language of architectural plans.

The Site Plan

A site plan shows the location and orientation of new home, along with its relation to roads, and all utilities, as you were looking down on them from above. Contours lines describe the original lay of the land and indicate where land is to be change in formation that tells the excavator and plumber how the paving and septic leach field should be constructed to ensure that they drain away from the house. Site plans also depict the location of trees existing or transplanted to give you a bird’s eye view of how vegetation can work with site orientation to provide a shade or privacy buffer. The site plan can also become the basic for a landscaping.

A site plan provides a bird’s eye view of the lot ,

complete with natural futures and land contours.

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