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Framing and Construction Steps

Framing plans bring the skeleton of the home into the foreground. Architect create magnified detail drawings of the most difficult architectural futures- dormers, roof, floors, and exterior walls with extensive window and door openings.

With a basic understanding of the symbols used by architect you can assess important details pertaining to various structural components, insulation and sub-flooring.

A reputable builder should be allow to improvise when a future that looks good on paper simply won’t work as planned. In the ideal scenario, your builder and architect work as team through the construction process, solving problems on the fly while staying as thru to the original plans as possible.

Floor Plans

Floor plan shows the shape of the house as you would see it from directly above , the position of interior walls , door windows and all fixtures. Looking down on your home from this lofty perspective, the relationship between communal space and private areas become more clear.

CH +Architect & Builder apply advanced Design and Construction practices and progressive management techniques to meet the current and future demands of our customers. Our Customers are who are seeking Passive Home Design, Construction, Renovation, Rebuild and Project Management as an integral part of their overall success. In essence, we provide quality results in Green Design and Commercial Development for our Customers. All services in design and construction documentation with full project execution are provided. The firm is committed to maintaining an inspired and creative people that meet our clients’ needs. We continued growth and balance of small and large projects provide them with an expending portfolio of work. Call us today or visit for more information

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