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Elevations are two dimensional drawings of objects shown as if you were standing directly in front of them. Elevation view are most often used to indicate how complex features of the house will look exterior walls with doors and windows, build in cabinets or the fireplace mantel.

Elevation illustrate surface future , transitions between material and unusual elements such as column or cupolas etc. Sometimes architect may leave a few of the elevation details open to later adjustment.

Architect supply all the information necessary for plumber , heating and ventilation contractors and electricians to do their jobs properly. It is best design approach when all additional engineering is provide at the design stage, when full architectural drawing are provided. Carpenter needs to know how supply lines , drains, and duct-work will be run to dedicated spaces. Some elements, may not require any special instructions. For example plumber need only study the floor plan and locate toilets, showers and sinks. Heating and ventilation systems, however, present a greater challenge as well as electrical contractor.

The key to a strong, weather tight home lies in the sheathing, insulation, air and vapor-barrier details.

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