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Chicago Real Estate

Chicago is without a doubt one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. Over the years, Chicago has noticed a lot of changes in it’s real estate market. Chicago has always been known for it’s pristine bars and activities, making it perfect for a vacation or a permanent home for anyone wanting to live close to one of the busiest cities in the country

Chicago number one Real Estates market
Chicago skyline sketch

In the past, North Illinois was known to be a realtor’s dream of a real estate market with extremely explosive growth potential. During the beginning of the year 2000, Illinois noticed some high rises in real estate. In most areas, including uptown areas the prices of real estate went up as much as 150% in some areas. This was a drastic change in price, making real estate in Illinois very hard to afford.

This change in price let the world know that Chicago was very sought after for real estate. Although the prices were very high, this also changed the entire economic structure throughout Illinois, resulting in more businesses, work opportunities, and a lot more income. Even though it brought more opportunities, the economic growth also helped to make Chicago an expensive city to reside in.

Chcaigo downtown view
Navy Pier view with down town

Chicago is the largest city in the state, making it a great choice for real estate. These days, the homes here aren’t very expensive. If you are interested in renting a home or apartment here, you may find it to be moderate to high priced. Chicago has long been known for sunshine and fun, which is one of the reasons why so many people decide to purchase real estate there.

Although the past has noticed a lot of interest in real estate for Chicago, the future will always be in question. Homes and housing units will always be built here, although real estate agents have found it increasingly difficult to sell homes. Even though some homes will sell a lot faster than others, there are some homes that remain on the market for months and months at a time.

sunset of Chicago skyline
Chicago skyline

As you may have guessed, Chicago has noticed a bit of a drop in real estate prices and transactions over the recent years. Although past years have noticed Chicago real estate to skyrocket in both price and appeal, the future makes many wonder. A lot of areas here are harder to sell nowadays, with many sellers having to lower their prices just to make a sell.

In the future, Chicago real estate will continue to be popular, although the trend of high and low will always be there. Chicago is still one of the best cities in the country to live in, no matter how much the real estate trend fluctuates.


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