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Kitchen and Bath design

Architect may prepare floor plans, elevation view of each wall, mechanical plans, and detail renderings of the tile , and other interior part of your future home.

Some kitchen cabinets suppliers and bathroom fixture sellers often provide complete bath and kitchen details . But if your kitchen suppliers do not provide such a services, it may be worth the extra expense to ask architect to provide them.

Specification include guidelines about materials to be used, along with other information not displayed on the drawings. On small projects specifications typed on the same pages as construction drawings. More detailed homes may warrant the creation of a separate project manual booklet. In either case, the specifications should meet the high standards of quality craftsmanship.

As a full Design + Build services we apply advanced Design and Construction practices and progressive management techniques to meet the current and future demands of our customers. Our Customers are who are seeking Sustainable Design, Construction, Renovation, Remodeling and Project Management as an integral part of their overall success. In essence, we provide quality results in Green Design and Commercial Development for our Customers. All services in schematic design development, construction

documentation, and construction documentation with full project execution are provided. The firm is committed to maintaining an inspired and creative people that meets our clients’ needs. We continued growth and balance of small and large projects provides them with an expending portfolio of work.

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