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Biophilic Design ​

Benefits of Biophilic Design design across all of the building industry is realized through the three bottom line

Social benefits: include enhanced occupant comfort and well- being, variable neighborhoods, improve overall quality of life.

Environmental benefits: include enhanced and protect biodiversity and ecosystems, improved air and water quality, conserve natural resources, reduced ozone depletion.

​ Economic benefits: reduced operating costs, improve occupant productivity, optimize life cycle economic performance, and competitive advantage.

Strategies of Biophilic design

Elements of Biophilic Design

is also about the use of materials obtained from nature – a tree converted to timber, then used as building material for walls, floors and furnishings; or, stone mined in a quarry used as a building façade, a lobby or a counter top. The use of natural materials can make buildings more functional and beautiful, creating feelings of connection to the natural world.

More subtly, biophilic design can be accomplished by bringing the forms and patterns of nature into a building. For example, we encounter ornamentation reminiscent of vines rising on tree-like columns that support a rooftop. Or, we might experience building interiors that convey a feeling of spaciousness and the motion of natural light, as sometimes occurs in great cathedrals or even modern airports.

Biophilic design can also convey the feeling of connection to places through designs that link people to certain landscapes or cultural traditions.

Biophilic design

connection to nature

Involve direct, indirect and more subtle ways of connecting people to nature. In a single location, like our previous project The Thai Buddhist Temple Chicago IL. Many biophilic design elements has been included, layered upon one another. Even a scene this replete with biophilic design attributes cannot reflect the full range of strategies available to connect people with nature through architecture.

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