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Family Friendly Chicago City


Many people forget that Chicago is a town full of families and plan their vacations without providing much thought to the entertainment possibilities that abound for children in Chicago City. It only makes sense that with so many families living in this city there would be very many family-oriented things to do and sights to see.


For instance, there are zoos in Chicago City; some of them are better known than others. Each zoo has something slightly different to offer than the others and if you have a true animal lover in your family there really is no harm in being stopped by all of them. Also, if you purchase the Chicago Pass you will find that most of the zoos mentioned above offer discount admission to card holders.


For the child who loves drama, Chicago City offers many theatrical productions that might suit him or her just fine. You can enjoy dining, shopping, and theatre while spending a day with your special little girl. This is a great bonding experience for mothers and daughters. They offer a different type of theatre for children that encourages audience participation and that gets your children involved in the dramatic process. If you have the time, you should also check out the Navy Pier! Youth Theater to show your children that even children have talents that need to be explored and can make a difference not only in their own lives but also in the lives of others.


In addition to the great activities mentioned above, there are several children's museums located in Chicago in addition to other museums that offer exhibitions that may be of interest to your children. The following museums are well worth checking out even if you decide to seek entertainment elsewhere.


Shopping is a fun and often educational process that often gets overlooked or even ignored when it comes to children. However, it would be remiss to mention great family things to do in Chicago without mentioning some of the wonderful children's retailers that abound in this city. Books of Wonder is aptly named as it brings back those books that held such wonder for us as children and gives us the chance to share those books with our children.


Chicago City is gaining a reputation for a much softer, far more family-oriented side. Don't let the past reputation of this city prevent you from making this the family vacation destination it could be ideally suited to be.


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