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House Planning Guide

There is no mystery to planning, financing, scheduling, negotiating or managing construction- just preparation and diligence.

What Professionals Do?

Working with Design Pros Most people who plan to build a new home or renovate existing have some idea of what they want. Your ideas may range from a few vague desires to a very specific wish list. What type of design professionals should you consult? Most people start with a licensed architect.

What Professionals Do? The overall goal in working with a design professional should be to develop a plan that serves your needs and tastes. The architect must be able to produce detailed drawings that satisfy local building authorities, whose permission is needed to start construction and obtain building permit and a certificate of occupancy.

Most architects say, they start by talking to clients to find out not only what they want but also, they live. In addition to listening to your ideas about room layouts, expect your architect to ask questions about who you are your tastes and your lifestyle.

Who’s who in Homebuilding? BUILDER OF GENERAL CONTRACTOR The buck stops with him or her in construction projects. The GC secures bids for all work and materials: hires, coordinate and oversees subcontractors, files for permits and arranges for inspections, and generally makes the final decisions in all construction-related matters. BUILDING INSPECTOR One or more local officials who oversees and regulate every phase of residential construction. CONSTRUCTION MANAGER The general contractor’s right-hand man. Owner-builders should consider hiring a qualified manager to help plan organize. OWNER BUILDER That’s you. An individual or family who finances and manages a homebuilding project with the intension of retaining ownership and residing in the home after completion.

SUBCONTRACTORA specialist who undertakes responsibility for one phase or trade within the project and reports to the general contractor. In a typical homebuilding project subcontractors generally include: an excavation contractor who dig foundations and grades the site, masonry contractor who handles all concrete, block, brickwork and paving, a framing contractor, a roofing contractor, a heating, a plumbing, an electrical, drywall installers, finish carpenters.


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